How to Deal With Background Checks for Employees

How to Deal With Background Checks for Employees

Background checks are a routine check which many employers run prior to hiring new staff members.  The checks enable the employer to see if there is any legal or financial issues in your past which might be an issue in the new job.  There are some things you can do to make sure you can overcome a negative background check.

Investigate your own background!  Check up on yourself through searching for yourself online.  Many employers will do a simple online search for your name, so it’s worth checking what comes up!  Try to remove any social media photos which paint you in a bad light.  Check your online profiles on social media are set to private if you do not want future employers to look for you!

Check your credit record – there are plenty of free credit check websites which allow you to check your credit history.  If there are any mistakes on your record, you can easily get them amended.  This will often make a difference to your credit rating too!

Understand that not everything will appear in the background check: you do not need to worry about disclosing these things to your employer:

  • bankruptcies older than 10 years
  • civil suits, judgements and records of arrest older than 7 years
  • any tax liens which have been paid and are older than 7 years
  • criminal convictions and all other negative information will not show up after 7 years