Web Design Services

Design is simply the process of gathering ideas and arranging them in an attractive way.  Web design is similar, with the purpose of showing content on electronic web pages, which users can find through the internet with the assistance of a web browser such as firefox, Chrome or safari.

The Key Elements of Web Design

Layout: the way graphics and text are arranged.  In the web world, a main goal is to help readers find the information they are looking for easily.

Colour: the colour choices depend on the purpose and the proposed clientele – it could be simple black and white, or multi-colour, showing off the personality of the person or brand!

Graphics: these can include logos, pictures, photos, clip art or icons.  Ideally, these need to be carefully placed to work with the colours on the page, without making it too slow to load.

Fonts: the font can really enhance a website – most browsers can only read a certain number of fonts, known as “web safe fonts”.  The design needs to work with these fonts.

Content: this is the most important part of the website!  The content needs to work with the design to enhance the overall message.  Written text must always be useful and relevant, as it is used as a key factor when search engines rank the site.

Creating a Great Design

Besides the aesthetics of the site (the way it looks), there are number of factors which make the site more user friendly, which is obviously as important consideration.  These include:

Navigation: the menus and architecture of the site allow users to easily find pages and information.

Multimedia: relevant video and audio can help users to fully understand the information displayed in an easy way.  They can also encourage visitors to stay on the site for a bit longer.

Technology: Dynamic and fresh design using the latest technology will always make your site exciting and inviting.

Interactivity: Increasing user participation can help keep visitors on your site for longer, and convert them into clients with email forms, subscriptions and newsletters.