Working Effectively for the Good of Your Team

Working Effectively for the Good of Your Team

In most businesses there is a set hierarchy of management to keep the whole operation running smoothly and effectively.  A great manager is able to blend into the background and keep things ticking over!  There are a number of things which make a good manager great:

Motivating the Staff

Being able to motivate your staff to want to perform at their best is key to a great manager.  We need to be able to know what makes them tick, and what their values are.  If you respect your team’s values, they will surely put their best work out!  Check how they are liking their job regularly – often people will not say if they are unhappy, for fear of being in trouble.  Offer perks to encourage your staff, such as gym time, family time or flexible working hours.


Similar to being able to motivate, it is important that managers know how to make their staff feel valued.  It could be as simple as saying thanks for doing a great job, or you could give them a party to really say thanks!